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I’m an award-winning journalist focusing on globalization and the supply chain for publications like Newsweek, PBS and Mother Jones.

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China migrant labor rights pearl river delta 9464 10049 article
The Pulitzer Center

China: Migrant Labor Rights in Pearl River Delta Region | Pulitzer ...

China: Migrant Labor Rights in Pearl River Delta Re...

110303 chinalaborwatch 002 10351 article
The Pulitzer Center

The Cost of Cost Cutting

In China, new organizations are trying to push ideas of corporate social responsibility and ethical supply chains to replace a mindset that values productivity above all....

China labor factories 9876 11274 article
The Pulitzer Center

Hiding in Plain Sight: China's Illegal Factories

"Black factories" provide often unsafe employment to China's thousands of migrant workers. Since these factories don't actually exist on paper, it's almost impossible to hold them accountable. ...

Injured men article
The Pulitzer Center

China’s Bloody Factories: A Problem Bigger than Foxconn

The reality of factory conditions and labor rights in China is closer to Mike Daisey's fiction than you think....

Foxconn china migrant labor 10057 article
The Pulitzer Center

Foxconn: Ruthless Efficiency

Apple laptops, Nokia phones, Motorola HDTV boxes, iPods, and iPhones are among common items churned out by this Taiwanese electronics giant's oppressed labor force....

China labour zhang28fo3 article
The Pulitzer Center

China: Following Tiananmen's Tentative Torchbearers

Zhang Zhiru, one of China's "barefoot lawyers," works to protect migrant workers from abuses by unscrupulous factory bosses....

01 110224 zhangzhiru 050 9533 10203 article
The Pulitzer Center

The Organizers

Meet the force behind China's Labor Movement....

01 110225 chaoweiyun 062 9636 10513 article
The Pulitzer Center

The Workers

Millions of Chinese flock to factories in the Pearl River Delta in the hopes of finding work. However, their work conditions often lack safety standards, and can lead to injuries....

01 110303 zhuqiang 070 article
The Pulitzer Center

China’s Development Drives Illegal Factories, Injury Epidemic

China's Pearl River Delta is the country's industrial capital, home to factories that produce everything from shoes to iPads. Maintaining this powerhouse status carries a distinct human cost....