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The Village Voice

The Death of Disco

Dave "Disco D" Shayman loved Instant Messenger. He frequently broke day in front of a Mac in his loft/studio in...

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The Village Voice

The Death of Disco

Dave "Disco D" Shayman loved Instant Messenger. He frequently broke day in front of a Mac in his loft/studio in Brooklyn's hipster capital, Williamsburg. The ascendent hip-hop producer often rocked a blown-out Jewish Afro, wire-rimmed glasses, sweatpants, and muscle T-shirts showcasing a tattoo of an AKAI MPC 60 sampler with......

Jana hunter lower dens frank hamilton article
The Village Voice

The Nine Best Concerts in New York This Week, 6/08/15

For more shows throughout the weekend, check out our New York Concert Calendar, which we update daily......

Danny clinch nicole fara silver article
The Village Voice

Danny Clinch Finds His Fire in the Flash With 'Walls of Sound'

Ask most photographers what makes a great image and they'll tell you it's about control. Control over your settings. Control over your lighting. Control over your concept. But for Danny Clinch, the magic is in the chaos. With a portfolio ranging from Bruce Springsteen to Jay-Z, Willie Nelson, Patti Smith,......

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The Village Voice

How Zero Charisma's Creators Got Geek/Gamer Culture Right Onscreen

There are definitely some geeks out there who are worried about Zero Charisma. Does the movie take a lot of cheap shots, or does it for once accurately show what it’s like to be a geek? Zero Charisma is more of a nuanced character study than a broad comedy, and......

A brilliant young mind still article
The Village Voice

Prime Achievement: ‘A Brilliant Young Mind’ Doesn’t Master Math, but It Aces Life

The minds of math and science geniuses have long fascinated the makers of crowd-pleasing narrative features, which is curious, as the complexities that fascinate those minds are antithetical to the feelings-first bounce of popular filmmaking. The movies, having settled into candied naturalism, already struggle to suggest interiority, even of characters......

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The Village Voice

Documenting a History of Violence in The Interrupters

Inspired by a 2008 New York Times Magazine article by Alex Kotlowitz, Steve James's commanding documentary The Interrupters, about "violence interrupters" in Chicago, who intervene in conflicts before they escalate into gunshots, unfolds as deeply reported journalism. Much like Hoop Dreams (1994), James's in-depth examination of the athletic aspirations of......

Philip seymour hoffman 2010 village voice article
The Village Voice

Here Are Three Things New York Can Do Right Now To Save Heroin Addicts From Overdose

It's been three days since Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in a West Village apartment, reportedly surrounded by the detritus of his addiction: a needle, baggies full of heroin, other empty bags, prescription drugs. News stories have retraced his last days, speculated tastelessly on what his death means for......

Condomsex article
The Village Voice

The Month in Noise: Condom Sex and DJ Dog Dick

First, the bad news: winter just won't quit. It won't let go, not on your life. This means unless you actually have to spend time outdoors for some reason, you're going to be inside, watching the window panes fog up as you fume. The good news is that being benched......

Nyv mus 20150926 freakoutfest reid 0863 article
The Village Voice

Freaking out at Freak Out! Fest

BROOKLYN, NY - Freak Out! Fest, a music festival celebrating queer, trans and gender-fluid identities in punk music, gathered nearly 20 bands for a weekend of punk and related musical stylings. From the opening acts to the closing notes, band members explicitly discussed their own struggles and triumphs with gender...

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The Village Voice

Ryan Berg: No House to Call My Home

Though homeless LGBTQ teenagers constitute a depressingly substantial demographic (some studies claim that as many as 43 percent of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ), their daily struggles within the system haven't been justly reported. In his debut book, No House to Call My Home: Love, Family, and Other Transgressions, Ryan...

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The Village Voice

October Gale Is a Character-Driven Thriller

Ruba Nadda followed up her breakthrough film Cairo Time with thrillers for its two leads: Inescapable for Alexander Siddig, and now October Gale for Patricia Clarkson. Both rely on character-driven drama more than traditional action, exploring the intricacies of family relationships and the repercussions of loss. Dr. Helen Matthews (Clarkson)......

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The Village Voice

Cold War on Terror: Spielberg’s ‘Bridge of Spies’ Finds Murk in Everyone’s Moral Certainty

Steven Spielberg's true-story Cold War procedural Bridge of Spies has a wintry chill. The colors are gray and green, the skin tones pale as frozen fish, the film stock fuzzed and snowy. Our protagonist, James Donovan (Tom Hanks), spends half the movie waylaid by a cold and takes his important......

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The Village Voice

For a Movie About Role Playing Games, Zero Charisma Is More Affecting Than Goofball

This often pained comedy/character study stands as something of a breakthrough in the portrayal of geek culture on film. Here's a bunch of guys playing a homebrew iteration of Dungeons & Dragons in the house their grown-man gamemaster lives in rent-free with his nana—but it's not the game or the......

Preduck article
The Village Voice

Rightbloggers Prove They're No Sissies By Supporting Duck Dynasty, Beating Up Pajama Boy

Consider a traditional conservative with the traditional conservative attitude toward gay people (briefly, "grooot, ah hates me a faggot"). Times have turned hard for him; gay marriage is sweeping the nation, and it's no longer considered cool to harsh on homosexuals. Through all the recent gay watershed events, he's tried......